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We need Godly Fathers (By Senior Pastor Louis Rosenthal)

We Need Godly Fathers

(Pastor Louis Rosenthal)

I personally believe there is nothing in the human realm that can have greater impact on society at large than for more men to become Godly fathers. There is no new legislation or stimulus program that could have a greater impact on the family, church, and society at large than the impact and influence of Godly fathers. God created man to be the spiritual leader of his home and of the church therefore; our families, homes, the church, and society at large can significantly improve when more Godly fathers recognize and adhere to the calling God has on them.

Time is one of the most necessary ingredients in relationships between fathers and their children. There are many things that can rob our children of our time. Work, hobbies, friends, and other interests are among the many culprits. Often fathers are tempted to think they can make up for lost time by providing luxuries for their children. As long as they have the nicest clothes, the neatest toys, latest technology we can be fooled into thinking everything is fine. Fathers, our children need some of our uninterrupted time. And quite often our children need it the most when we seemingly have the least of it to offer. Yes, fathers we are busy and have job demands that often time rob us of our energy when we get home. But if we don’t spend quality time with our children, then something or someone else will. And the quality time spent with the children is not to be detrimental to the wife. A Godly man’s priorities should be God, wife, children, job, etc. I pray as fathers we make an investment into training up our children in the way they should go for when they are old they will not depart from it. There is no role more important to a father than introducing to their children Jesus the Christ and then modeling your faith before your children daily. Our children need a father who prays with and for them and a father who attends and participates in spiritual matters with them. Fathers, we teach our children how to play sports, do their homework, and how to operate indoor and outdoor appliances and tools but; do we teach them about Jesus – do we read the word to and with them? There is no greater way to say "I love you" to your children than to teach them about Jesus and give them your time. Let us strive to be Godly fathers for there is no greater impact that can be branded into the home, church, and society at large than for men to occupy their post of being Godly fathers. Happy Father’s Day (June 15th) and praise God for all the men who are working diligently to be Godly fathers whether they are biological fathers, stepfathers, or just a spiritual father to a child who does not enjoy the blessing of having a Godly father in his/her life.

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