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2014 TMFBC Theme (By Pastor Louis Rosenthal)

Happy New Year TMFBC and all those who read our newsletter and pray for us. After much prayer and fasting, the Lord has led me to a three tiered theme for our church to focus on in 2014 in order that we may continue carrying out the mission of life transformation through Jesus Christ. Our 2014 theme is: Exalting the Savior, Equipping the Christian, and Evangelizing the Unsaved. Regarding “Exalting the Savior” a healthy church will magnify the name of Jesus in all that they do. We are to glorify God and He desires that we enjoy Him forever. We are given a prescription for worship in Psalm 100 and we aim to make it our lifestyle. “Equipping the Christian” means a healthy church will intentionally teach, train, and equip its membership to help each one become more like Jesus. Text driven preaching and teaching will be the only acceptable presentation of the word of God at TMFBC. Finally, “Evangelizing the Unsaved” means we will live out the Great Commandments (Love God above everything and everyone and love one another) and the Great Commission (Go and make disciples). A healthy church must make a priority of introducing unchurched and unsaved people to Jesus.

In 2014 we want everyone who walks through our doors to know Jesus loves them and He desires for everyone to be saved. However, one cannot experience salvation without first being forgiven of our sins. Both from the pulpit and from our individual witnessing, people need to consistently hear the gospel message because the “gospel” is what will make people free. We aim to inform everyone who walks through our doors there is a power that can make a difference in their life. And no matter what one may have done with their life – no matter how one views their current lifestyle – no matter what sin or sins one has committed or is committing, the message from TMFBC is, “God Loves you and He desires to forgive you and give you another chance.” God can turn anyone around and no one is too far removed from God that they cannot confess their sins, repent, and then be forgiven and saved by placing faith in Jesus the Christ. Jesus came to save and deliver people from their sins.

I am praying each member of this church will be totally committed to striving to live a holy life. I cannot speak for you but I am totally committed to submitting my will, time, resources, and my mind and heart to Jesus; and I pray you will do the same in 2014 as we corporately exalt the savior, equip the Christian, and evangelize the unsaved.

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